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Prescriptions, Testing & Referrals


Save time with Access Virtual! We can quickly and efficiently handle most of your prescription needs. Once your medical file is created and reviewed, our clinician will complete an assessment and send the prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy of your choice. All you have to do is go to the pharmacy and pick up the medication or have it delivered safely to your home.

(Telehealth Laws & Regulations prevent our clinicians from being able to prescribe certain medications including controlled substances, narcotics, stimulants, benzodiazepines, and marijuana).

Labs and Diagnostic Testing

If you have a condition that requires frequent blood tests, or are looking to have laboratory investigations done, Access Virtual can help. You don’t need to wait in a waiting room for hours to obtain a requisition for further testing. Our clinicians can complete assessments and provide the necessary paperwork to have the testing completed. We send the requisition electronically to the testing location of your choice, or you can opt to print out your requisition from home.

In appropriate cases, an Access Virtual clinician is able to help coordinate medical imaging such as X-Ray or Ultrasound appointments as well.

When your results are in, we schedule an appointment to review the results and discuss the next steps in your health care plan. Our clinicians take the time to explain the results, normal and abnormal, address all your questions and concerns, and plan further testing if needed.

Our goal, as always, is for you to receive the medical attention you need - promptly, efficiently and respectfully.

Specialist Referrals

It is often difficult to get a referral to a Specialist, and patients must often wait months for an appointment. Now, Access Virtual can help ease the stress of these challenges.

In appropriate cases, Access Virtual clinicians will complete assessments, and write referrals to an appropriate medical specialist in your community. Our care managers will send your referral immediately, and work with the Specialist’s office to get you the earliest possible appointment.

The next time that you need to see a specialist, let us manage the referral for you!

For more information on our care practices and treatment options, please sign in to meet with a Care Coordinator today.

Real Patients. Real Stories.

  • "Yesterday was my first time using this service and I could not be happier. The doctor was very thorough and gave me the impression that she actually cares about her patients. The appointment and booking was all completed within 20 minutes. They even faxed my prescription to the pharmacy of my choice, making life so much easier!"

    Heidi Lipppa
    BC, 2016
  • "Friendly and professional, and helped to get everything set up for me. I spoke to Dr. Clark and she was also lovely to deal with. I had my appointment and prescription refilled in a matter of 5 min and I didn't have to leave my house. So much nicer than waiting for hours at a clinic"

    Kimberly Michelle
    BC, 2016
  • "I've used AV several times and each time, it was easy and fast. I've had appointments with AV in my car, at work, at home. It's easy to use, the doctors I've seen have all listened well to my concerns and been helpful, and I would absolutely recommend it to everyone I know!"

    Michelle Martin
    BC, 2016

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